For Parents

Parents are in good hands with this app.  Here are all the reasons why!


Turn Your Kids' Chores Into a Game

Your kids like video games, right? So use that to your advantage! The Chore App has all the mechanics that make video games fun and addictive, and it only requires a few minutes of their time each day. They’ll be running around the house doing chores in no time!


Create Custom Chores

We've made it super easy for you to set up chores. The best part is, you won't need to schedule them. Just set the frequency and let the app handle the rest...and you get to choose how many little 8-bit coins each chore is worth!


Create Custom Rewards

Not every chore is equal, so how rewarding should each chore be? You're in total control of that. There are lots of in-game rewards that your kids will love to strive for, but for the more challenging tasks you have the option to set the reward as a real-world item, like a delicious treat, a movie ticket, or that Lego set they've been hoping for.


Automated Chore Distribution

You read that right. Just like good game designers, we've created an algorithm to handle when your chores get done. Just set it and forget it. All you'll have to do is marvel at how clean your house has become.


See App Statistics For Each Child

Know exactly what your kids have been working on and how productive they are. You can also double check their chores and tell the Chore App when a chore isn't done properly.


Network Between Devices

Multiple devices and different brands of phones and tablets are not a problem. You can manage the chore app from all of them.


Supports Blended Families

Some families are a little more complex than others. Sometimes there's more than one kid, and sometimes there's more than one set of parents.  The Chore App manages tasks and rewards between multiple households, making the child's experience seamless.  It's good for you, good for your kids- good for everyone.

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It's Ad Free and Free to Try!

While the other guys offer free apps, that sell your data and advertise to your children, The Chore App is NOT an advertising platform. It does not rely on ad revenue. It's free to try, and if you love it, you'll buy it... and we think you'll love it.