Put your chores in a video game, and your kids will LOVE getting them done!


Every Parent's
Dream Come True

The Chore App is a mobile game that turns real-world chores into a rewarding and engaging experience for children. As a father of four, the creator (81monkeys founder Stephane Cotichini) made sure the game is fun for kids, advertisement free, and autonomous. It also supports blended families!

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Key Features

For Kids

  • It's a mobile game for chores
  • Earn keys, chests, ingredients and potions
  • Play the Pest Panic Mini-Game

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For Parents

  • Game mechanics that engage children
  • Easy, one-time chore set-up
  • Supports multiple devices and blended families

And so much more! - Learn More


Parents do not want more ads in front of their children!

While the other guys offer free apps, that sell your data and advertise to your children, The Chore App is NOT an advertising platform. It does not rely on ad revenue. It's free to try, and if you love it, you'll buy it... and we think you'll love it.


Join the Beta Test!

The Chore App is currently available only to a select few.  Interested in testing the beta version with your family? Let us know!

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