For Kids


Your Chores Become a Game

This is not another lame app your parents will use to make you do your chores. This is a game! (Think Mary Poppins) Earn keys to unlock treasure chests, collect ingredients to brew potions, unlock a crazy mini-game, and much more.

Bet your room will never be a mess again.


Customize Your Room

Pick the color and pattern that best suits you! Not enough? Don't worry, we'll be adding lots more for you to create your own unique space.


Get Randomized Chores

The suspense is real! Which chore are you going to get? What if your sister gets a better one? You have no idea, because you can’t see into the future. But don’t worry, that’s normal.


Earn Keys to Use in the Treasure Room

Who wants one chest when you can have ten of them? Pick the right chest and you'll get a big reward!


Collect Ingredients and Brew Potions

Are you a witch? Or are you a wizard? What's the difference?! Does anyone know?! What does it matter?! You're playing with MAGIC, like a BOSS.

Play the Pest Panic

Yes, there’s a mini-game. And yes, it’s awesome! Keep on the lookout for flies. If you catch enough of them, you’ll get to face the Queen Fly. She’s scarier than she sounds…

Video Still.gif

Save Up For Rewards

It feels great to be rewarded! Your parents will set up the rewards you can earn, and then, all you’ve gotta do is save up! (Oh, and do your chores!) That makes sense.  A lot of CENTS.  SEE WHAT I DID THERE?! I hope so.


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