The Story

When you’ve got kids, getting everything done, managing work lives and home lives can be tough. It’s almost every parent’s story. It’s definitely my story. Hi! I’m Stephane Cotchini, founder of 81monkeys, and creator of The Chore App.

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My wife Adel and I have four boys. We also run our own respective businesses. We make sure to spend a lot of quality time with our kids, to steer them toward being healthy functioning adults, but it’s tough to manage it all sometimes. One thing that had a habit of falling through the cracks were the chores. Chores would always get forgotten or put on the back burner. Bedroom floors would get messier, the dishes would stack higher, everyone would think it was everyone else’s turn, and feathers would get ruffled.

Our kids are good kids- but they’re kids, and chores were always met with foot-dragging. When they'd finally set to it, they’d do it as fast as possible, and (surprise!) without a lot of focus on quality. They’d get constantly distracted by the toys they'd pick up, all while complaining how long it was taking. I wish I had a dollar for every time we've said “It would only take you 5 minutes if you just focused on getting it done!”. Sound familiar?

I tried some software that claimed to help take the micromanagement out of chores, but nothing met my needs or effectively engaged my kids. Being a game designer, I knew there had to be a way of turning the drudgery into fun. I decided to work on my own chore app.  I coded at night after the kids were in bed, on the weekends, in airports… basically anywhere I could, until finally after a few months I had a version to test.


Even in its earliest form, my boys loved The Chore App. They didn’t just get their chores done without complaint- I am not kidding- they begged for more. I could barely believe it. They weren’t half-assing it anymore either. They were focused on getting their chores done fast and beyond our expectations. I knew I'd hit on something because it completely transformed attitudes about chores in our house.


Since then, the team at my game studio “81monkeys” (while simultaneously launching their first game “Sudoku Scramble”) have helped take The Chore App to another level, adding a whole lot of usefulness, polish, and fun. We’re all quite proud of what The Chore App has become.

Most recently, we've made it so the app would handle chore distribution, so parents would never again have to manage who does what, or listen to another cry of “unfair”. We also made it so the app could handle any configuration of family.  As in my own case, two of my boys are from a previous marriage and are at their mother’s house half the time. They wanted to be able to use the app there too, so the team designed a simple way to network the app, between different households, creating support for blended families.

The Chore App has really transformed my life and my kids’ lives.  We're very proud of it. I sincerely hope you will benefit from it in the same way my family has.